20 Buck Symphonies

20 Buck Symphonies

What can you get for around 20 Bucks? Well, you can build a great classical collection for that much a month if you know where to look. On occassion I will have a list of downloadable recordings to help you explore the world of classical music, featuring some essential collections and a few bargains. While I am partial to CDs, since you get better sound and liner notes, you can get a better deal most of the time with downloadable MP3s. Most of the selections will be available on CD if you prefer that format. There will always be some sort of theme with each group, be it a composer, style of work, or even a conductor.

Symphony Sets:

$4: Schumanns four symphonies in a super bargain download.
These are excellent performances of symphonies 1-4 with good sound, originally from an Erato release from the 1990s.

$8: Rachmaninovs 3 Symphonies.
Litton and the Royal Phil Orch in a nice set of Rachs Symphs.

$6: Brahms Symphonies and Violin Concerto.
Actually very good performances, and a great way to introduce yourself to Brahms.

$2: And to get us to $20: This set of 60 Essential Royal Wedding Classics.
That may be pushing things a bit, but you get the following works for practically nothing: Handel: Royal Fireworks Music Elgar: Serenade For Strings in E Minor Op 20 plus a bunch of classical evergreens like Greensleves and the Wedding March. For 2 bucks you are bound to get something that you like!


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