Philips / Decca Duo

Philips / Decca Duo

Philips and Decca Classics has a great line of 2CD sets called Duo. While some of the CD sets are not available anymore, many have made it to MP3 albums. These are great bargains at Amazon, with the price of most at $9.49 for the full 2CD set of music [CD versions average $17.99], quite a deal and a great way to expand your collection at affordable prices. The selections below link to the MP3 version, but there is a link on each Amazon page for the CD Version if you prefer that format.

3 thoughts on “Philips / Decca Duo

  1. This is a great series. Excellent repertoire and artists for very little money. I especially recommend I Musici’s recording of Corelli’s “Concerti Grossi”.

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