BasicRep – Copland

BasicRep – Copland

BasicRep: Essential Works of the Basic Repertoire

When it comes to the works of Aaron Copland, I have by far the best recording out there, with Leonard Bernstein and the NY Phil. Their recordings were put in a compilation many years ago, and it is the definitive CD of Copland’s basic works. From the suites for Rodeo and Billy the Kid to Appalachian Spring and Fanfare for the Common Man, this Bernstein Century set is great from start to finish. The sound in typical 1960’s CBS, so more than acceptable if not quite stellar.

The older Great Performances release with Spring and Fanfare from the above set also includes the wonderful El Salon Mexico and Danzon Cubano. Bernstein later recorded these last 2 works years later on DG, but they are just not as good as these recordings. If you go for the GP collection, Billy the Kid and Rodeo are included on another volume.

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