Symphony No. 1: Borodin

Symphony No. 1: Borodin

Symphony No. 1:
A survey of the first symphonies of various composers that I have in my collection.

While Russian composer Alexander Borodin’s Symphony No. 2 gets all the attention, and sometimes No. 3, the Borodin 1st gets short shrift on a lot of releases. Fortunately RCA put together a Borodin Orchestral set on LP years ago, and the 3 Symphony recordings from that set by Loris Tjeknavorian and the National Phil Orch have been compiled into one CD. Great playing, and while the 1st may not be the most well known of the set, it is still a good work, plus you get the other symphonies, all at a bargain price.


amazon Borodin: Symphonies Nos. 1-3 - Loris Tjeknavorian & National Philharmonic Orchestra spotify-2011-08-20-13-35.jpg

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