Bach: French Suites

Bach: French Suites

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Bach’s ‘French Suites’  comprise 6 sets of suites for piano. The name ‘French’ was added on later, either to describe the style or to possibly differentiate them from the ‘English’ Suites. The do not really reflect a French style as such, but regardless this is a must-listen for lovers of piano music.  

There are numerous performances available, and most are more than acceptable. I have a preference for Andras Schiff and Glenn Gould. Schiff has a more set back piano sound, with a playing that seems to just fit the music perfectly. Gould has his typical up-front sound, and definitely harder tone. The performance is a joy to hear, and his playing is precise and clean, typical Gould, with his inevitable humming peering in occasionally, but that is what you get with him. 

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