Starter Collection: Mahler

Starter Collection: Mahler

Walter’s NY Phil recording of Mahler’s ‘Symphony #2 – Resurrection’ was my first experience with Mahler. I found it on a double-length cassette on the CBS Odyssey label [which eventually wore out, replaced with a double-length DG cassette by Kubelik, another great recording]. Something about the work really grabbed me, and I always end up back at this 60’s era recording by Walter. Of course this release has been long out of print, but the same recording is on the Bruno Walter edition release on Sony, coupled with a great Mahler 1.

The Starter Collection are recordings that I first acquired when getting into classical music. Mostly from the bargain labels of the time, there are some great recordings that I still enjoy to this day.

Current release of the Kubelik:

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