Free Music May: Gluck Operas

Free Music May: Gluck Operas

Gluckorfeoedeuridice gluck dg

I originally posted about this recording in 2009, but since the links have changed and I wanted to add it to Free Music May, here it is again…

There is a free Creative Commons MP3 version ofGluck’s Orfeo ed Euridice from 1951. I did find reference to an excerpts LP on DG [pictured above] from the period, but I cannot say for certain this recording was a DG release or not.This is may be a studio or live performance, possibly released in the US on the Urania label in 1952.

Regardless, performers includeMargatete Klose asOrfeo [female lead replacing castrato],Erna Berger asEuridice andRita Streich asAmor, with theBerlin Municipal Opera conducted by Artur Rother.The recording is mono of course, but the performance is quite enjoyable and the sound quality acceptable, and it is a good way to be introduced to Gluck’s operas.

Also on the same site page are recordings of Alceste and a few other works. The site is in Italian, but easy to figure out, just download the MP3 files listed. You can get librettos with translation at the listings page at

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