Fasch Orchestral Music

Fasch Orchestral Music

A contemporary of Bach and Telemann, Johann Friedrich Fasch is a lesser known German composer. His major claim to fame is turning down a position at Leipzig, for which the post was eventually by Bach. Tempesta di Mare’ has recorded a set of his works on Chandos, and the results are charming. While the style fits in the Baroque suite categories, the works are original with a familiar sound. Definitely a nice diversion to listening to the Brandenburg Concertos for those times when you need some nice classical, but are not quite in the mood for Bach.

The Tempesta di Mare’ do a wonderful job of recording these works, and the recording is bright and clear. Apparently this is the first recording of these particular works, and is a great addition to any Baroque classical music lover’s collection.

Read CD Booklet here.


See album at Amazon.com: http://amzn.to/1lLVPWF

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