5 thoughts on “Columbia ML 4001

  1. This is the third design of a cover for the original pressing of the first LP, ML 4001. The first, by Alex Steinweiss, was the blue and white “tombstone” kraft paper, top open envelope. The second placed that design on a cardboard, side open sleeve in one of three colors, red, yellow or green. This third design with the four violin pegs was by Meyers Monogram. The logo appears at the top left edge

  2. This was the first LP. Mastered at 78 rpm for pressing MM-577 and at 33 rpm for ML 4001 shown here with the color slick by Meyers Monogram, late 1948.

  3. If we agreed that Columbia presentation in Waldorf Astoria on 18.06.1948 was the LP’s birth, there were 101 chronologically first LPs. ML 4001 with Mendelssohn was added there in the last moment. Please, look at its time of playing! For more details, please, visit my http://www.historyoflongplay.com.

  4. The child is born, the star is born, the LP was born… The LP was born in Hotel Waldorf Astoria on 18.06.1948. It was the collective proposal of Columbia incl. 101 LPs. ML 4001 was not opening this list. It was ML 4002! For more details, please, look at my http://www.historyoflongplay.com.

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