Bach At Bedtime

Bach At Bedtime

Philips released a “Set Your Life To Music” series in the mid 1990’s, along the lines of ‘Bach At Bedtime’, ‘Mozart For Meditation’ et al. I am usually not a big fan of the ‘greatest hits’ collections as a general rule, but the Philips sets are an exception. Sometimes you just want to listen to a selection of classical music, and these are actually nice compilations with good performances from the Philips catalog. Whoever compiled these sets did a great job, and there are no jarring jumps in styles, perfect for listening around the house, and to discover some works too.

I have had the ‘Debussy For Dreaming’ for years, and finally checked out some of the other releases recently. Some of these are real bargains, with CDs as low as $4-5 and MP3 albums similar.

Here is the search page at Amazon for the releases:


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