99 Most Essential!

99 Most Essential!


Get 99 Tracks for pennies a track! Get 100 tracks in our mega classical set!

If you have checked out the Amazon MP3 store lately, there have been a flood of these ‘mega’ classical sets. From collections on a theme to sets dedicated to one composer, these sets are put out by X5 and Cobra Entertainment, to name a few. Many of these recordings seem to come from the bargain CDs you used to find at grocery stores or at a department store. Remember Laserlight or Vox? To be honest, trying to track down the performer info would be a chore, and anyway, it misses the point of these collections:

You get a LOT of music for a little money.

Many of these collections run from $1.99 up to $7.99. The performances and sound vary,but when you can get all of the major works from Mendelssohn or Tchaikovsky, how can you refuse? To be honest, the performances are very good most of the time, and if there are a few bad ones, you are not really out anything.These sets are a great way to expand your musical collection, and the prices make it easy familiarize yourself with a lot of great classics for very little money. I wish these kind of sets were around when I got into classical music!iTunes also has some of these collections.

I’ll give some recommendations on particular sets later, but check out the links below to get started.

99 Most Essential at Amazon

99 Most Essential at iTunes


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