Reverie by Ormandy

Reverie ormandy

This is a great LP release I picked up recently on Columbia records from the 1960’s that has never been on CD. The CBS Odyssey CD release ‘Clair de Lune’ has most of the tracks, but not all. While this is a compilation of various tracks from Ormandy’s albums, this is a stellar collection, and almost all the tracks are downloadable.

I created a Listmania at Amazon with all of the tracks available for download or on CD. A few of the Columbia versions are not in print at this time, so I replaced them with his RCA recordings [and to be honest, they are very similar].

This is one of those great albums to listen to when you need some quiet time. Do check out the ‘Clair de lune’ CD, there are only 3 tracks missing, and some others replaced it.







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