Classic Brandenburg Downloads


You probably have a version of Bachs Brandenburg Concertos, but it never hurts to have another one on hand. I have always been partial to the 60s recordings of Baroque music, usually on modern instruments, and not always period performances by todays standards, but nonetheless enjoyable.

Here is a great deal: Karl Munchinger and the Stuttgart Orch were quite the baroque players of their day, and it is hard to find a lot of recordings in print anymore, other than on Adagio or Relaxation-type classical compilations. There is a new 2for1 MP3 set with Bachs Brandenburgs by Munchinger, and to add to the value there yet another full recording of all 6 Concertos by Otto Klemperer and the Philharmonia from the 1960s as well. Each set is different in interpretation and sound, and while I prefer the Munchinger version, the Klemperer is also excellent.



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